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Rental of Drums, Keyboards, Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, show backline gear

Band Backline Rental

What is "Backline"?   Backline refers to the equipment needed by a band to perform at an event.  Band backline can include guitars, keyboards, drums, amplifiers....even guitar picks and straps.  It really is up to the band to specify what backline equipment they need provided.  A band will often provide a "tech rider" document with their contract that will outline the equipment list they need to perform.  This is often done so that the band can easily travel by airplane to a show without having to lug guitars and equipment across the world.

We provide backline gear for live concerts and shows in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. We have standard gear for your live show to make it easy for you to load in and perform.   We rent band backline gear such as guitar amps, keyboards, guitars, bass amps, bass guitars, drum sets, keyboard amps, and many more band backline gear.  If you have a need for a backline rental in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, contact us about your show needs and we can provide a quote for backline and stage sound and lights...... a full package.

Whether it is a small act or a large band, contact us for rental of the backline equipment typically at a savings in cost.

TheTrip Band Backline Rental

Backline rental for The Trip cover band for an event at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Scottsdale AZ

  • Mesa Boogie Guitar Amp

  • Marshall JCM900 Slant Stack Guitar Amp

  • SWR 4x10 900 watt bass amp

  • Yamaha Stage Custom 9 piece drum kit

  • Martin D12 Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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