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L-Acoustics Line Array Rental Scottsdale AZ

Digital, Analog, L-Acoustics Line Arrays, PA Speaker Systems, Stage Monitors

L-Acoustics PA Line Array Sound Systems Rental

If your company is in need of an L-Acoustics PA Line Array  you’ve definitely come to the right place. Arizona Stage Sound & Lights has got everything needed to take care of your organization’s requirements. We provide event production services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Arizona Valley area.  Our premium L-Acoustics line array sound system with digital audio console provide the maximum in audio performance for your live event.  We work to understand your needs to deliver the best experience, striving to earn a 5 Star rating from you. We guarantee you’ll love working with us.


If you have an upcoming show and need stage, L-Acoustics sound, lights, backline production for your event, we can help. We have production capabilities for small and medium sized events with L-Acoustics line array speaker cabinets and digital audio consoles.  We receive fantastic reviews from our previous clients for our custom production approach to details for their events.  We produce events from 200 people to 7,500 people at small and medium sized concerts and shows.

We rent and use advanced L-Acoustics audio technology for our live events in the Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ area.   We also offer other line array speaker rental options and digital audio mixer consoles.

An L-Acoustics line array offers a sweet audio sound field that projects your audio clearly into the audience.  These variable line array curvatures allows us to focus the sound for clarity and make the back row of the audience the same volume as the front row.  No more "loud of front, can't hear in the back" sound field problems.   Our experience in designing line array setups for live events in the Scottsdale event area allows us to perfect the quality of sound for your event and make an enjoyable concert live event for your guests.

Contact us about planning your next live concert or corporate conference event in Arizona.

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L-Acoustics Kiva II Line Array Rental

Digital Audio

Mixer Consoles

Advanced audio technology with digital audio consoles provide amazing capabilities to make your event or concert sound fantastic. We have both analog and digital audio consoles available for your needs. We also sell and install audio equipment into theaters and House of Worship facilities.  Midas Digital Consoles and Yamaha Digital Audio Mixers.

Midas Digital Audio Console Rental Scottsdale AZ
L-Acoustics Line Array Rental Phoenix AZ


Sound Systems

Live Arrays, Subwoofers, Stage Monitors

We provide your live event with the correct equipment to make your event sound great. We offer advanced L-Acoustics line array speaker systems as well as typical speaker stacks and stage monitors. We will provide the appropriate equipment for your live event or installation.

Live Concerts

Audio Rental and AV Production

We deliver PA speaker sound systems, digital audio mixer consoles, line array speakers, concert stage lighting, special effects, stage truss, stage decks, backline equipment and more for your event or rental.

Live Concert Show Production Rental Phoenix AZ
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