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Hot Import Nights Car Show DJ Audio

For the Hot Import Nights car show, we had the opportunity to do the audio for the DJ's. The room was a massive 200' wide x 400' long. Throwing clean clear audio with THUMP thru this massive space was a fun challenge. Remember, this is a car show - so we had to outdo the audio systems in these cars....and these cars could thump.

We flew a JBL Vertec line array consisting of 12 boxes with a 16,000 watt power amp driving the main audio line arrays. This coverage totally filled the room with clean clear audio without making it painful loud in front of the stage. The line arrays allowed us to push long range audio throughout the room with ease.

For the subs, we placed 6 dual 18" JBL subwoofer cabinets with over 12,000 watts of power. These cabinets were placed 3 per side of the stage in a cardioid audio pattern that really created a powerful clear sub boost. Under the stage we placed an additional 8 15" long excursion JBL vertec subwoofers powered by an additional 16,000 watts of power. This combination of sub arrays gave us the powerful low frequency thump we were looking for.

With the whole setup, we controlled the system with a Midas M32 Digital Audio Console to allow us to adjust EQ based on the input from the DJ's. Overall, we never needed to get close to the full audio output, we ran the system with barely the -20db lights blinking on the power amps. Plenty of headroom to make it sound great. We received a lot of great feedback about how clear it sounded throughout the room. We'll be back again next year to do more!

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